Door Panel Curtain

This DIY project is centered around finding a window treatment solution for those tricky doors in your house. In my kitchen I have a door with a large single window in it, which made it difficult to find something to cover it. Not only did I want to block out the light and people seeing in my kitchen, I also wanted something to match the theme I had going on. In order to accomplish both of these things I only had one option, which was to make it myself. With that said I did enlist sewing help from my younger sister Kaycee. The only thing I can sew by myself is a button, so if your anything like me it’s best to ask for a little help with this project!

Here’s the step by step instructions to make your very own…



Step One: Measure window

Grab a tape measure and measure the part of the door you want covered. Write down those measurements on a piece of paper and then add six inches. These extra inches are to allow enough room to create an opening on the top and bottom of the curtain for the rod to slide through. For my door I used 60 inches for height and 35 inches for width.

Step Two: Select fabric

Take your measurements and make a trip to the local craft/fabric store to purchase some fabric. Use these measurements to find out how many yards of fabric you will need. For my curtain I chose to use one and a half yards of a cotton blend fabric that’s easy to wash and blocks most of the light from coming in. You will also need to pick up matching thread to sew your curtain with.

Step Three: Find hardware

Finding the proper hardware for your curtain may require a little trial and error. Take home a few different options you think might work to save yourself multiple trips. I found that using a rod with mounting hardware rather than a tension rod worked the best.

Step Four: Prep fabric

Lay your fabric down facing backside up on a table and grab a ruler. Take the ruler and mark three inches from the top and bottom on the fabric. Fold it down to meet the mark and place pins every two inches or so to hold the fabric in place. You should now have a row of pins on the top and bottom of the fabric which gives you a template to follow.

Step Five: Sew together

Now thread the sewing machine and begin sewing in a straight line all the way down the width of the fabric. Once you reach the end of the fabric cut your thread and repeat this process to reinforce the seam.

Step Six: Hang up

Attach the brackets for the curtain rod to the door. Slide your curtain onto the curtain rod and hook it to the brackets. You can repeat this process on the bottom section of the door as well, depending on how you want the curtain displayed. As you can see below, I chose to go with a single curtain rod and cinched the curtain together in the middle with a piece of fabric. As a finishing touch I added a clip-on flower to tie everything together!