Washer & Dryer Pedestal

Happy Monday everyone! I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but I’ve been extremely busy lately! I do have a few new projects to share, I just haven’t had any free time to sit down and write. Most recently Ryan and I decided to focus on finishing our Laundry Room/Mudroom. This space is located right off of our Garage and it’s where we enter and leave the house each day. I would say it has been the most used and neglected space in our house. Anyway we have updated the space and made it much more functional. One of the ways we improved and decluttered the space was by making a washer/dryer pedestal. It allowed us to raise the washer and dryer, which made them easier to use and created space beneath them to store our shoes! Here’s how you can make your very own…




Step One: Measure & gather

Measure the space in which you are going to be placing your pedestal in. We came in about an inch from our length measurement to allow for wiggle room. Using the measurements you made purchase enough material to construct your pedestal. We used 4×4’s for the legs, MDF board for the top, and 2×4’s for the frame.

Step Two: Build a frame

Using the length and width measurement you took, cut 2 2×4’s to your length measurement and 2 2×4’s to the width. Attach all four piece of wood together making a rectangle. Cut 2 more 2×4’s that are 3 inches less than width measurement if you are using 45 degree angles to attach the rectangle frame. Take the 2 2×4’s and place them spaced evenly in the middle of the rectangle frame and screw into place.

Step Three: Assemble legs & top

Cut 4 4×4’s to your desired height, keeping in mind that the 2×4 will cut off 3 and 1/2 inches underneath. Attach legs in each corner of the frame, making sure it is flush with the top. Cut MDF to size and screw onto the top of the frame.

Step Four: Paint & stain

Head to your local hardware store and choose the paint and stain you want to use for the pedestal. We decided to stain the frame and legs an antique grey and paint the top sage green. Allow the pedestal to dry overnight and then it’s ready for use!