I love Pallets!

I’ve decided to post my first DIY project and what better way to start then by picking my favorite refurbishment piece…wooden pallets! Pallets are so versatile and can only be limited by your imagination!

For this project I used the pallet as a decorative wall hanging in my master bedroom. It’s the focal point in the bedroom and we loved how it turned out!

Here’s how we did it…



Step One: Locate

The first step is simple locate a pallet! Pallets can be found in all sorts of places so make sure you check around at department stores, small local businesses, and empty lots near new construction. Most of the time these places will just end up throwing pallets away so you should be able to get them at no cost!

Step Two: Prep

Now that you have found a pallet, you need to prep it for use. This means fully inspecting the pallet for any issues that might stand in the way. Unless you have a new pallet to use don’t over look this step!

Step Three: Sand

To save us time and upper body strength, we used an all purpose tool called a SoniCrafter which has a sanding attachment. If you don’t have a tool like this at home, you can simply use 80 grit sandpaper and some muscle. Use an up and down arm motion and sand with the grain of the wood. The goal of sanding is to expose the integrity of the wood and bring it back to it’s original glory!

Step Four: Clean

You must clean the pallet off before you can seal or stain it! We recommend using an air compressor to insure that all the dust is removed creating a smooth finish. If you don’t have access to an air compressor the next best option would be a wet towel. It may take several wet towels to completely clean your pallet but it will be well worth the work!

Step Five: Apply

We liked the raw color of wood on our pallet and wanted a rustic look so we decided not to stain it. Instead we used one coat of polyurethane to seal and protect it. After applying the stain or polyurethane, allow your pallet to dry overnight and it’s ready to hang. We located the studs and screwed the pallet directly to the wall.

Step Six: Decorate

The final step in this project may prove to be the most difficult, but it’s also the most rewarding! To decorate the pallet you see below, I used old beer bottles as flower vases and found all the other items at a local craft store. I soaked the bottles in hot water and dish soap to remove the labels. Printed off a few 4×6 pictures and cut them down to fit in the frames. Then arranged all the items until I was happy with it. Just find pieces you love and never be afraid to try new ideas!




Happy D.I.Y.ing!