Pillow Cover

It’s Monday and man do I have a busy week ahead of me! Actually the next few weeks are going to be pretty crazy but I’ll definitely try to make some time and post a few fun projects I’ve been working on! Here’s one that will spruce up your living room and save you some money by doing- it- yourself!



Step One: Choose pillow

Head to your local fabric store and pick up a few pillows you want to use for this project. They come in several different sizes and are priced according to comfort. If you want to save some money like I did, you can use some throw pillows you already have.

Step Two: Select fabric

The fabric I used for my pillows was leftover from the DIY Door Panel Curtain which you can read about here:


It’s a cotton blend fabric which is super easy to wash and requires no ironing. The amount of fabric you need will depend on the size of the pillows you choose. Take the width of the pillow and add 1″. Then take the height of the pillow double it and add 6″.

Step Three: Measure & Cut

Lay the fabric down and measure it out. As listed above you will need¬†the width of the pillow plus 1″ and the height of the pillow doubled plus 6″.

Step Four: Hem sides

Hem the shorter sides or width of the fabric. Lay down the fabric with the pattern side facing up. Place the pillow on top of the fabric and fold the hemmed sides towards each other. Continue folding the pillow with the fabric until it is tightly wrapped. The fabric will overlap each other which will create an opening to get the pillow in and out of.

Step Five: Pin

Once the pillow is tightly wrapped make sure the fabric matches up and pin it. You want an evenly matched line down the center of the pillow. This will end up being the back of the pillow, so don’t worry too much about getting the fabric to line up perfectly. Carefully slide out the pillow and continue pinning down the long side or length of the fabric. When pinning you will want to come in about a 1/2″ from the top and bottom.

Step Five: Sew

Sew a straight line where you have placed your pins, taking them out as you go. Once your done sewing both sides, flip the fabric inside out so that the pattern side is facing out. ¬†Stuff the pillow inside the cover and it’s ready to use!



Happy D.I.Y.ing!