Refurbished Headboard & Dresser

Happy Thursday!! Although it’s a short work week, I feel like the work days are just dragging on. So I’ve got a pick me up project for you to work on that will revamp your bedroom furniture and give this space a fresh new look! Here’s how you do it…



Step One: Locate furniture

The bedroom furniture set that we wanted to refurbish consisted of a headboard and dresser that has been in our family for many years. If you don’t have any furniture pieces you want to refurbish you can usually find great deals at garage sales.

Step Two: Strip off

First remove any hardware that might be remaining on your chosen piece of furniture. Then using a chemical stripper found at your local hardware store, remove the finish from the wood. This product is powerful so make sure you follow the directions on the back of the can very closely. You will need gloves, rags, a paint brush, chemical stripper, lacquer thinner, a plastic scraper, a sponge, and cardboard.

  • To catch any drips or spills place a large segment of cardboard underneath the furniture.
  • Using a paint brush apply a thick layer of chemical stripper to the wood. Wait at least 20 minutes for the stripper to work before trying to scrape it off.
  • Using a plastic scraper remove the chemical stripper from the wood. It should take little to no effort to remove the finish. If not, wait a little longer.
  • Using a sponge apply the lacquer thinner to clean off any residue left behind from the stripper.
  • Take a cotton rag and wipe down the wood. It may take a few rags to clean the entire piece of furniture.

Step Three: Sand down

Using fine grit sandpaper, sand down the entire piece of furniture. Sand with the grain of the wood creating a smooth surface to stain. After your done sanding, clean the furniture with an air compressor or wet towel.

Step Four: Stain it

Using a paint brush apply an even coat of stain to the wood. We used a deep mahogany color to stain our furniture with but feel free to use whatever color you want. We applied two coats of stain for a rich look. If applying several coats of stain allow time for the wood to complete dry between each coat. When your done applying allow the stain to dry for several hours.

Step Five: Apply hardware

Finding the proper hardware can really make or break this project so make sure you choose wisely. We used cabinet pulls and knobs with a brushed nickel finish to make them stand out from the deep mahogany stain. Your local hardware store should have several options to choose from, so take a few different options home first and try them out. Once the hardware is installed you can display the finished product in your home!






The beginning of many

Whether furnishing a new house, or restoring one back to its original state, adding your personal touch is the difference in making a house a home. Anyone can buy stuff to put in their house, but when you devote the time and energy to building or refurbishing furniture or what have you, there is a sense of accomplishment and pride in knowing that nobody will ever have that exact same piece in their home. Not only will refurbishing help ease the pounding on the “pocket book”, but chances are it will bring you and your significant other close together.