Glitter Beer Bottles

Happy Monday everyone! It’s tough to start the work week especially if your a Cyclone fan like me. We may have lost the big rivalry game but I’ve got an up-cycle project for all you fellow tailgaters! I’m sure you have plenty of leftover beer bottles from Saturday’s festivities so here’s a fun way to re-purpose them.



Step One: Clean

Soak the beer bottles in soapy hot water to remove any labels and leftover residue. Allow the bottles to air dry.

Step Two: Glue

Lay down a few pieces of newspaper on a table to catch anything that may fall. Using rubber cement apply a thin coat of glue to the outside of the bottle. You will only be able to do one bottle at a time, because the glue will dry quickly. I decided to only cover half of the bottle, but you can cover the whole area if you want to.

Step Three: Glitter

Before the glue dries quickly shake on the glitter. You may need to press down lightly on the glitter with your hand to ensure it sticks and holds to the glue securely. After the glitter is applied let the bottle sit for a few minutes and then twist it slowly to shake loose any glitter that won’t hold. Fill in any bare patches with just a little glue and more glitter. Once the bottle is complete covered with glitter, spray it with a clear coat to seal and protect it. Allow the bottle to completely dry.

Step Four: Decorate

Add a flower to finish the look! I used a single rose for each bottle and trimmed them down to fit. Now they are ready to be displayed!