Re-purposed Wine Bottles

It’s a Thirsty Thursday DIY! I simply can’t think of a better way to kick off the long holiday weekend, then with yet another way to re-purpose old beverage bottles. So grab some friends and enjoy the wine, because here’s what you can do with the leftover bottles…


Step One: Collect 

Whether enjoying the wine yourself or recycling from others, gather up at least three bottles for this project. I decided to use three different wine bottles for my DIY, but feel free to use whatever you like!

Step Two: Clean 

Once you have your bottles soak them in soapy hot water to remove any labels or sticky residue. Anything left on the bottles will become very noticeable once you use spray paint, so make sure you clean them well.  After cleaning allow the bottles to sit overnight to ensure they are completely dry.

Step Three: Coat 

Head to your local craft store to pick up a plastic tarp and a few bottles of spray paint. There are several different colors and textures to choose from so get creative! As pictured below, I used a glossy spray paint in platinum, and then a shimmer spray paint in blue and bronze. To get started I hung the plastic tarp in the garage as a backdrop and used newspaper to set the bottles on. I followed the directions on the back of the spray paint can and applied one coat of paint to each bottle. If you want a bolder color all you have to do is add more, just allow time for the paint to dry between each coat. Let the bottles sit overnight to dry and then they are ready to be displayed!